Reclaiming Power

All through history, we have been enslaved, abused, raped, diminished, conquered, stripped naked, abandoned, told that God is disappointed in us, told that we are damned, feel hopeless, unworthy, ugly, unlovable, weak, defeated, limited, and stupid. We have been taught to fight amongst ourselves, believe that truth is the lie, defend lies, give our power away, make self-deprecating vows to causes that mean nothing in the grand schemes of thing.

All these things wear heavy on a soul. It is time to take our empowerment back. Although we are not living these experiences every day, we are habitually giving them power still, when we don’t embrace the fullness of who we are. We are re-enacting our personal plight when we fight amongst ourselves and create problems with others who are merely doing all they can simply to get by and to make sense of things.

We relive the anguish when we get caught up in the drama. We empower ourselves when we step back from reacting and choose to walk away. The more we empower ourselves the more we teach others to be empowered as well. Here is to empowering all others!

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