Real Dialogue on Panic Attacks

Hi Jen! Can I ask you a question?

Yep! I was wondering why I was still at the computer.

So, I’ve been trying to look at my thoughts when I start to get anxious and I noticed yesterday that the trigger for me is when I start to think “I can’t” then I start to panic. I’m not sure where the fear of “I can’t” comes from, but maybe it’s related to trying to be perfect?

Well, it is primal. If someone couldn’t perform, then in past lives they would be considered useless and killed.

I suspected that might be the case. I was amazed by how strong a reaction I was noticing to the thought “I can’t”.

Think of the Colosseum. The Christians weren’t the only ones killed. You don’t like to watch football do you?

Sometimes I do, sometimes it’s too violent. Sometimes it annoys me.

You have stripped away the other things to be able to look at the issue of “can’t”.

Oh cool.

It really is!

I noticed that that seems to be the commonality in all of the situations where I start to panic.

Yes. Say these taps:

I release defining “can’t” as death, in all lifetimes.
I release the fear of “can’t,” in all lifetimes.
I release being enslaved to “can’t,” in all lifetimes.
I release the trauma of the times I couldn’t, in all lifetimes.
I release allowing “can’t” to take over, in all lifetimes.
I release giving power to “can’t,” in all lifetimes.
I release being hijacked by “can’t,” in all lifetimes.
I shift my paradigm from “can’t” to Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Life and Wholeness, in all lifetimes.

Because I keep having new things that I’m afraid of, but it’s not the things I’m afraid of, it’s the “I can’t” do whatever that situation is.

Yes so that is the core issue.

The thing CAN do so much, but you let the possibility of “can’t” prevent you from enjoying life.

“Can’t” has held more power than “can” and it is out of balance.


And it’s funny because I’ll literally be in the MIDDLE of doing something and then start to think that i can’t possibly keep doing it without panicking and then I’ll start to panic. It’s so weird.

Yes, so that is how you know that it is a mind sabotage.

Oh yeah, good point.

It is how the mind controls. The weird thing is that more people DON’T see these core issues for themselves…..

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