Raise Your Vibration

We are all a frequency of sound; like a certain channel on a radio station. If someone doesn’t like you, it may merely be that they are a totally different frequency than you. You may be like a radio station to them that is not tuned to their station.

Someone can only hurt you if you resonate at a lower or equal frequency as them. If you are at a higher frequency, they may try to change your vibration by annoying you or try to illicit sympathy from you. They may try to feed a lower vibrations into your stream by talking about problems or illness. The worst is to do both; talk about illness AND illicit sympathy.

The way to not be affected or hurt by anyone is to maintain the highest frequency as possible. This entails staying focused on the positive. Love is the purest frequency. It doesn’t matter what you love. It only matter that you stay loving and possible. It doesn’t mean that you have to direct love to the person who is trying to affect you. It may be more helpful to stay detached from them.

It would be so much more beneficial to attune to love any way possible and then direct it to the self.

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