Queen Bee

This weekend I was visiting with a friend. She is a very accomplished, balanced woman who is very positive to be around. She makes everyone feel valued.

When we were talking, she explained how much she loves women. But then I recognized that she has no close women in her life. No peers. It just stuck with me as I was talking with her. Whenever I ask a question to the Universe, I get an answer. I think this is true with everyone but they have grown unaccustomed to listening or believing the answer. The answer I got was she was a Queen Bee.

I understand that it is far-fetched but I got an image of her being a queen bee and that is why she has no equals. I shared and she was polite enough to not dismiss it. But then different evidences of how that life experienced the present were revealed to me. I shared many items about her I could not possibly know.

Here are the things that I listed: When you work you are very busy and have a total overview of everything. Everyone who works for you is very efficient and the work environment is very productive. You compartmentalize everything into unique little issues (which I saw as separate honeycombs). You don’t like it when others spill out of their role. You keep others at bay. And as a queen bee, you were the only one of your kind and no one measures up to your efficiency.

All of the things I told her made sense to her. When I helped her release the limitations of being a Queen Bee, she resisted.It was a wonderful life for her. But it was still holding her back somewhat. She compartmentalized relationships, she was over taxed by having to be the most efficient. She had to be in control. She kept other women in a distinct holding pattern as far as connectedness. I explained to her that the releases weren’t going to remove any of her great qualities but were only going to enhance her life.

Doing the EFT taps with her will hopefully open her up to new experiences. Ones in which aspects of her life can spill over into each other without causing stress. These are the unconscious things that we can outgrow. Not all are uncomfortable or obvious.

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