Protecting Our Innocence

When I was held captive for a year, I was “fortunate”; that my sensitivities and abilities allowed me to access my captors delusions. I truly believe that every point of view is based on truth from some vantage point. He was well read on conspiracy theories. So through his interests I was able to tap into a whole different experience of existence.

The worlds that his psyche showed me were dark and horrific. It was hard to process them with a sane human mind. They made the Star Wars movies look like fluff and were more accurately depicted in much darker movies.

As I tried to process them, I realized that earth was a real innocent place in comparison. I would envy the way I used to think of it; as an isolated planet that was an island unto itself. I wished I could go back to that reality.

I then realized that people should stop trying to push their perspective onto others. What ever naïve concept people hold, I realized that is an aspect  of innocence that needs to be protected. As corrupt as some people think this world is; it is wonderfully naïve in comparison to what I have experienced through my captor’s psyche. I think of the expression “little lives, little problems when it comes to earth.

I am happy that earth is relatively sheltered. I embrace its naïvety as much as I do childhood and Christmas spirit. There is no need to shock people into truth just as there is no need to shock children into adulthood. The more focus put on the negative issues of life, the more it brings them into reality. All in good time. I say, let’s enjoy our innocence.

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