Professional Assistance

The healing I do for the planet is similar to what I do for an individual. Since it is so effective for the one, I see it as effective for the whole.

What I do is visualize the world from afar. I view as kind of like a clear mylar balloon. I see the smoky strains of anger and hate and visualize them being drawn out. It would look similar to smoke being drawn out through a cracked window. The smoke streams of anger are red. The streams of hate are black. I see them muddling all the sweet colors of the earth.

But then I draw them out with my intention, across space and into a river of golden light. As they infuse with the river, they dissolve back into love. The world in return becomes bright and wholesome again. I see it glistening. I infuse as much light and love into it until the whole sphere is resonating and emanating in divine love.

You are welcome to join me in that vision if you wish.

Also, whatever modality you practice, imagine the world as your patient and visualize assisting it. Send it your professional assistance. See all the beings on the planet as living cells in the body of your patient. Visualize them all getting the nutrients they need to thrive. You are the co-creator of this world. You are also its healer.

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