When a diagnosis is given, the person is usually blindsided. Then come the procedures. Procedures are intrusions to the body. All through history, cutting and probing the body was not a good thing. It meant death or torture. That is how the subconscious is wired to consider such invasions.

It is very important to talk to your own body and let it know what is happening. Make sure that you explain to it that you are not allowing it to be hurt but are trying to help it. Pamper yourself, and give yourself extra love to help your body respond better for you.

One would think the body would know everything because it is present during the doctor’s visits. But the body does not think. That is the mind. If one is not totally connected via body and mind then the body is left in the dark and may get its information through the thoughts and emotions.

If one can think their thoughts positive and their emotions uplifting, then the body will be more resilient.

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