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Private Sessions

Private Phone Session With Jen

($175.00 U.S.)  for a 50 Minute Phone Session

Jen works over the phone with you to clear blockages, remember past lives, communicate with pets, and more.  She shows  you  healing techniques, affirmations, explanations, and illuminations. Her clients say they come away from this session with their lives changed for the better.

Jen explains more about Private Phone sessions:

“Sessions are done via traditional phone or Skype. Once a session is secured, I will contact the client via email to schedule the session; usually within a week. I feel the client’s energy and personal issues, once the client make a commitment to do a session, so I want to pass them through as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the time of the call, the client calls me. They do not have to tell me their issues or problems. I already start to feel what they need to release.

I will make initial sounds that release the person’s issues. It may be uncomfortable to hear because it is their own issues they’re hearing being converted to sound and releasing. The sounds tell me a lot about where we need to work energetically. I don’t listen to the client because they will talk about surface issues and my work goes very deep.

I am able to see people’s past life issues and read their Akashic records, So we address the root cause of the issues that they are reacting to in their present day life. The sessions are not a band-aid. They are a permanent energetic shift. The client, if they are sensitive to energy, or in any way at all, will usually feel the shift as the hour goes by. Some report feeling lighter or more optimistic or relaxed. Some will report back after the session and give me an update on how effective the session was in helping them.

My sessions are for people who are truly interested in letting go of issues and moving on with their life. Most of my clients, even people who have been working on themselves for years, say it is the deepest and most effective work they have ever done.”

Watch this video to see how to do the Taps.

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