Political Integrity

I asked myself recently why there are so many politicians that are hell-bent on bringing religion into politics. This is the answer I received:

The reason politicians want to bring religion into politics is because they lack the integrity needed to run on their own merit. They are using the integrity of something greater to amplify and camouflage their lack of integrity. If anyone calls them on it, they attack that person’s integrity. It is a classic example of the best defense is a good offense.

That is the same reason that they try to run on the integrity of the founding fathers. To camouflage their lack. But since the founding fathers clearly established a separation of church and state, they politicians who try to run as a mouthpiece for the founding fathers AND religion are at cross purposes. These two ideas work against each other, and the politicians who do this are clearly in conflict with integrity.

(Please no diatribes on politics and religion. We are all drunk on different kool aid so there is no point in debating whether the grape flavor is better than cherry.)

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