Play Through

Have you been told lately how awesome you are? You have performed incredible feats just to be here. You have conquered demons, slayed dragons, beat the odds, rolled with the punches, sidestepped landmines, grabbed the brass ring, given it your all and risen to be the cream of the crop, just to be here.

The fact that you have blocked all but this lifetime out so you can concentrate on the task at hand, does not diminish your journey. Please don’t let anyone tell you that you are not amazing or that you are unworthy. Your presence in this world contradicts that very statement. You are evidence of amazing.

If life feels mundane, accept it as a respite and embrace it. There is so much wonder that reveals itself when the mundane is scrutinized for the opportunity that it is. May you transcend illusions of mundane and turn each moment inside out to reveal the wonder and splendor of life’s adventure. Play through dear friend. Play through!

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