Perpetuating Positivity

On the surface consistently positive people seem weak. But it’s much more difficult to be positive than negative. It takes much more discipline, authenticity and effort than following the flow of gossip and back biting. Practicing the art of perpetuating positivity is a great way to live with purpose and integrity.

When talking to others, it’s easier to feel a sense of belonging by trashing everyone and everything. This negativity seems to take on a life of its own. One simple unflattering statement about another person or situation seems to be the hole in the damn that gushes forth a stream of negativity. How easy it is to start complaining about current events as a common ground. But as difficult as it is to abstain from negative comments, it’s easier than trying to stop yourself once you start.

To hone your character try lovingly countering a negative subject matter with a positive point about the same subject. See how it feels to inject positivity rather than negativity. It may surprise you how exhilarating it feels to break free from the negative stream with a simple positive or neutral statement.

If you don’t want to participate in gossip without being confrontational, just don’t respond. Just give a very short polite response to the person. A way to perpetuate positivity is by using positive reinforcement. Reward uplifting statements by engaging in conversation with the perpetrator. If conversation turns negative, politely excuse yourself. Realize that it’s not about judging, it’s about how the words make you feel. Judging is a negative behavior. Be loving and kind without being pious or playing the blame game.

Also pay attention to your own words and thoughts. You can only consciously live your purpose if you are clear of the muddy waters of negativity that try to keep you blinded to your truth. Faulting others is another illusionary way to feel superior. The reality is that it reveals your own character flaws.

Take a moment and read these words and see how they make you feel: Hate, depression, illness, fighting, death, sadness, blame.

Now read these words: Joy, health happiness, laughter, Love, Fun, freedom.

Words have a vibration and influence your mood and the mood of the environment. Choose to be happy by surrounding yourself with positive words and people. Feel the vibration of uplifting words resonate within you like music.

Be a leader. Pull yourself out of the muck of a negative thought stream and be the influence to pull those around you out as well. You will resonate with happiness and draw happiness to you. It takes a lot of character and if done consistently, will bring you into peace.