Perpetual Prayer

There is a sense of separateness in the way that we think, feel and act. We may believe that of all the things we think, say, feel and do are are incremental, but that is not really accurate. We wake up, perform our morning routine, go to work, interact with people one at a time, get some exercise, do some meditation/prayer and go to sleep. We are doing everything in little boxes as if everything is separate from everything else. What if we treated them as if they were not?

If we went through our life like everything we are doing is happening all at once (which is a valid metaphysical perspective) then our integrity would be based on the consistency of our actions, thoughts and feelings being in agreement. This is what being centered is all about.

I see all these inconsistencies in people because to me they are happening in real-time. I am not engaging in a linear way. When I interact with someone, everything that they have ever said and done is right there in front of everything I have ever said and done. They don’t recognize this because most people filter out all that is happening except what is striking their senses in that moment. Also, it can be very humbling.

Imagine that everyone perceived in this way. People could no longer gossip about another and then talk directly to them as if they had not. Both of those aspects of them would be present all the time. One could not lament about how awful their life was and then brag about how successful they are. Their story would have to remain consistent because it is. One could not operate from the vantage point that they are imbued with kindness if all their unkind acts were seen at the same time.

People have become savvy. They may not realize it quite yet, but they ARE seeing all these things combined in people. We see the inconsistencies. We may not articulate it but we know what is going on. Have you ever watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart where someone takes a stance for or against something with righteous indignation and then he shows video clips of how they are contradicting an earlier stance? This is a depiction of how people contradict themselves. It is happening with most everyone in real-time.

This concept can be overwhelming. A simple technique to help ourselves to live a less compartmentalized and more centered life is to take whatever we do presently as worship, and overlay that with what is going on in our daily life. If we can align those two things, a lot of inconsistencies will evaporate. Going through our day mindlessly and consciously showing incredible reverence and gratitude are polar opposites.

Think of when you are in that heightened state of gratitude. Now, in your mind, go through your day as if you are also doing whatever brought you to that state of reverence as well. It may be going to church, prayer/meditation, giving of yourself in some way, being present with a loved one, etc.. Everything you do; imbue it with a state of incredible reverence. This has so many obvious and unconscious benefits and it may seem really easy, but can be very difficult to maintain.

This may be why Yoga is so beneficial and simplistic but meets with such resistance. Because it is blending the inconsistencies between action and reflection until the self merges into one.

If you want to work with this way of Being, it might help to use the technique above and adopt the affirmation: “My Life is a perpetual Prayer” It may also be even beneficial to do this EFT tap:
(Say this statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest)

My Life is a perpetual prayer, in all lifetimes.

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