Pass The Dish

Rita's birthday 073

You Matter

You are the guest at the head of the table.

You are the reason for celebration.

You have divine purpose.

You uplift all those who are fortunate to partake of you company.

You are so content in you awesomeness that you are content to allow everyone else shine.

In fact, you bring out their awesomeness.

You are the bar they hold themselves to.

You make a difference.

The light you shine is synergetic with an internal radiating divinity.

You are an expression of that divinity.

You could be manipulative and unkind.

But you choose to take the higher ground.

You chose to elevate the bar.

You are amazing in this way.

You are amazing in so many ways.

Please don’t fixate on tiny grains of imperfection.

You are so sensitive that you magnify them.

But they don’t show to others.

You are just being thorough in you self discovery.

Give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack..

Celebrate you today.

Make it your inner inside secret; that you realize how awesome you are

and everyone is blessed to know you,

This is true gratitude.

Being grateful for your own incredible spirit,

your own capacity to love,

your own ability to transform.

You are the love you are seeking.

You are IT for yourself and for others.

Own it,

Be it.

Relish in it.

Be grateful for it.

And pass the dish of this awareness to all others.


Jen Ward 1/27/14

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tina mastellone-chaput
May 1, 2017 at 3:49 pm

Thank you so much!

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