Pandemic of Kindness

The same mistake is made generation after generation. Power is used to fight power. All that does is create a power struggle, which power loves! Each new crop of clever minds thinks they have cracked the code on how to fight the corrupt. Their goal is to sway the mind of the masses to their perspective. They are the righteous, they are the noble, they are more powerful in their goodness.

There is a much simpler way: through the heart instead of the mind. Honor the simple, value kindness, and engage in respectful interactions as much as possible. It isn’t done by rallying the masses but by inspiring every person to take back their individuality. We empower individuality with each simple act of kindness.

We are of the heart when we forgo the petty power struggles: to be first in line, to cut off the other driver, to be right all the time. We are from the heart when we value other species, see the value in things that others dismiss, share our unique vantage point without fear of ridicule. We are of the heart when we relax our grip on excess and find contentment in the smallest wonder.

What if being in the moment was the new frontier? What if our own spiritual wonder was in front of us all the time, hidden in plain sight. What if this was what every great soul who has come to earth has dedicated their time here to try to convey? What if it is finally time for us all to understand? What if we all start with a kind act, a smile, or a little patience? We could create a pandemic of kindness.

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