Pain as an Indicator

People’s problems don’t bring me pain. I see murders, rapes and horrendous acts of misfortune and injustice every day in people’s past life records. I have learned to keep them away. It is the small things that bring me excruciating pain.

Every day, when my girl Simha looks back to make certain I am going to follow her outside that gets me. That one look tells me that she has been kicked outside and abandoned over and over and she does not want to be alone ever again. It has happened so much that she can’t yet trust that it is not going to happen again. In her I am reminded of all the souls that feel abandoned, unloved and rejected somewhere now in the world.

It is in that anguish that I learn to stay present and instead of closing down in pain, open up the aperture to the heart and spill even more love out into the world. The pain is a gauge that there is another notch on the heart to be opened. The pain is a great indicator that there is more love to give.

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