The Moment The quivering line between horizon and ocean The Magnetic play between stillness and motion The oil of the sweat of a labor of love The knee jerk relief when escaping a shove Ten million moments conjoined in an hour The disarming grace of a play without power The biting cry of a fallen […]

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Greatness doesn’t emerge chest beating out of the heart of power. Greatness is seeded, nurtured, and hatched quietly and naturally from the depth of awareness and understanding. It is suckled on kindness and sincerity. It emerges confidently and strongly a little more each day. It is seeing, feeling and being truth, confidence and integrity in […]

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  They said you’d never amount to much They said your dreams were out of touch They said the “You”, you want to be Doesn’t quite fit in society They said the pain and wounded pride Will help you take it all in stride “It’s okay to have a broken heart” “Just try not to […]

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