Meet Me Half Way

  Meet Me Half Way Being so spent There is nothing more to give Witnessing so much inwardly Not able to live Starting a movement Without even a spark Motivating the weary Isn’t a walk in the park. Having a vision That’s crystal, so clear It’s living in a world Devoid of despair Having a […]

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  Beyond Godly borders on which nationality depends Is the Universal war cry for Humanity to transcend   All the etchings in marble, the writings in stone Are left to remind us We don’t do it alone   Walls are not made to keep us living in fear They’re to uphold a vision for all […]

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  How could someone so Beautiful Be so unaware To see the worthiness in everyone else But with themselves pretend not to care? How could someone shine with such love Be blinded to such a degree That they see what they see bursting in others Yet in themselves they refuse to see? How can someone […]

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