Dance to the Rhythm of Love

Raise a chalice to your lips Taste the nectar of Love’s bliss Celebrate in the light of the fire within Dance to the rhythm of Love Dreams of worlds basted in Gold Remember promises kissed with a vow And secrets unabashedly shared Are contained in each moment of Love Gain footing on the step you […]

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I am a Muslim I continuously declare my faith through kindness to all others I am a Jew I have suffered dearly for my right to exist and have great resolve I am a Christian I strive to personify Christ consciousness I am a Pagan I see God in everyone and everything I am a […]

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The Monastery

Within Mosaic walls of any dimension When time was counted with sun and stone We pledged our life force and eternal submission Gave every worldly possession owned   In taking vows of servitude, poverty, silence Became whispers of what we potentially could be Herding the masses, was the intention Enslave each person by their own […]

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