Our God Children

I have one official godchild in the world. I haven’t been the best official godmother to him. I struggled so much in this life I never was good at sending the obligatory dollar in a card when he was growing up. I know this upset his mother. But I did keep a look out for him in my special way.

I remember when he was very little; I had an inner experience with him where I was teaching him to swim. Water has always been my symbol of being immersed in the Holy Spirit, the Eck, or the Love; whatever you chose to know it as. The next morning, I called to see how he was doing. I lived in a different town and he didn’t see me enough to remember me. But when I called his house, my sister said that Chris asked about me out of the blue that morning.

I moved back to the same town when he was about eleven. I let Chris play on my computer as much as he wanted. It was a Macintosh and had creative programs on it. Shortly after that he got his own computer and showed genius in its set up. He was very well-rounded at a very young age. He excelled in many areas.

One time, he had a bad experience at his paintball birthday party. The worker at his party was passive- aggressive and had deep anger issues. I wasn’t there but could sense these issues just from the telling of the incident. My sister told me that the worker made my teenage nephew share his party time with a party of young girls. The worker made comments about him and ruined some of his fun. His parents were not ones to complain. But this disturbed me that his day was ruined, so I called management and the worker was forced to apologize to my nephew. This respect he was given healed the ill will of the incident. There was no residual issue left remaining. He remained whole.

When his parents wanted to put an advertisement in his yearbook about what a dynamic child he was, and how they were so very proud of him, they asked me to write it. I wrote the poem that is in his yearbook that conveyed precisely all the pride and love they wanted to convey. Yes, it is in prose form. His parents were very happy to gift him with this.

He is a dynamic adult now with a fabulous career, beautiful wife and supportive friends and family. He may not even be aware of how I have stayed connected to him throughout his life. His lack of need is evidence of the love that sustains him. Isn’t this what everyone deserves?

There are many people in the world that have not known the love and support of my godchild. Most of my support was given from afar. I would like to think that it made a difference. So my thought is, why not stretch my capacity to love? Why not embrace all the children of the world with my loving intention? I love it when grown, accomplished businessmen call me Aunt Jen. It means to me that they received help and sometimes accountability, in a loving way.

All those sweet little children coming over the border could use godparents. They need someone to see them, not as a grown-up threat, but as innocents born with horrific odds stacked against them. If only they could have been born into better demographics. Any parent knows how devastating the conditions must be to part with your children. The chaos that they are processing with their early adventure is a great honing skill to create dynamic contributors. Or they can become angry victims. Maybe we decide which it will be with our intention.

I choose to love them. I choose to nurture every single one of them inwardly, as I did my sister’s only child. I choose to embrace their potential rather than seeing them as a threat. I choose to teach them to swim in the Light and the Love, and shelter them from the hatred that is being spewed at them out of fear. I invite all others to send children everywhere, of all ages, love and kindness. It is in this way that we heal the heart of man and empower love to reside in all corners of the world. Let’s melt all walls, build many bridges, choose the power of love, and starve out the fear.

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