Opening the Floodgates of Love

We are all tiny spigots in the waterworks of life. What we do or don’t do, doesn’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of things. But it does. Too many of us have shut down our flow. It happens because of an inability to share our gifts, being tired of trying, hearing we don’t matter or not having anyone to love us back.

Humanity needs your spigot turned on full blast. You matter. Your flow matters. Turning your spigot on encourages others to turn theirs on. It could open their flow by association. It doesn’t matter how it happens, only that it does.Life needs to flow again. Love needs that perpetual flow. You are important to make that happen.

It doesn’t matter what shut you down. We all have a story about someone refusing our love, someone hurting us, someone denying us the right to love. This is the nature of the world that fortifies our indignation by not accepting our love. But that is the illusion. The multitudes are waiting for your love.

If you have no one to love you, love others more. There are those in the world that are so deprived of love that they hurt and destroy others to cope. How does the world deal with that? How do we not feel helpless? Helplessness is what they are feeling in their depravity. It is a reaction to the lack of love.

Every single person is empowered by their capacity to love. When we all refuse the stark reality of the universal thirst and give all that we have regardless of how much we get to drink, we practice unconditional love. It touches upon the Divine. Open your own floodgates. Let the process satiate your thirst. Refuse to judge anyone. Refuse to deem anyone less worthy. Encourage them to share all that they are.

There is one way that man has cut himself off from nature. Nature continues to give and give, no matter what is done to it. Men have developed a sense of superiority and withhold their gifts. They must return to nature and do as the female does. Women know how to love under every circumstance. It is her nature.

That need to defend yourself, that need to be right, that need to keep your composure, is what a closed spigot feels like. Surrender, feeling vulnerable, saying I am sorry and meaning it, are the experiences of the open heart. Do it more. Do it often. Do it so others can know the freedom of it from observing you.

When we are all open and pouring our love into the world for everyone to enjoy, we reopen the universal waterworks, one drop, one trickle, one stream at a time. What can you do to open up the floodgates? Who can you open up now in your day? How can you serve someone else with your kindness, a good word, some encouragement?

For humanity to thrive, we depend on this process happening within all of us. Make it a project to open up the rustiest pipelines. You can do this. This is your task. This is the greatest thing to can do or humanity. If you have no one to love, figure it out. Feed your love to a hungry world by doing something as simple as loving the birds or sharing a kindness. Go beyond your comfort zone a bit more each time.

There are many people all over the world that are being loving and kind in their own shy way. Let’s do what we can to make it the norm. Love beyond all reason, discernment and any limited capacity. This is how we connect to our own greatness. This is how we make this life count more. I support all in this purpose. I will be loving right by your side and encouraging the floodgates to open, In this way we are all-powerful beyond compare. Amazing you, amazing me, amazing we.

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