Open Letter to Kanye West

Dear Kanye West,

I see that you are very frustrated that people don’t see and appreciate your greatness. But what is frustrating to many is that you don’t see greatness in everyone else. Only yourself. You compare yourself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Howard Hughes but this is the same seed of greatness in everyone.

A child is considered so precious because they have the potential to manifest this greatness in a way that no other has conveyed thus far. The difference between yourself and the people who you mentioned is that they are too busy out flowing their intention to care about being seen as great.

Some people are famous because they have so much to give that they spill their gifts onto a national or global stage. Some people are famous because they have such a deficiency that demands to be filled, that an ordinary life will not suffice. Some of us have not forgotten how you interrupted Taylor Swift on stage and said that she was not worthy of the award. It conveyed an ungracious heart.

You will never receive this note but I want to thank you for being a great role model to the world. You are a perfect example that fame, money and even talent doesn’t make someone happy if one is not feeling loved and validated within themselves. What a great blessing you are to the world. You seem to have found the way in which you excel like no other. In this way you serve humanity.


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