Observing Your Own Wonder

Words are symbols that allow a meaningful connection between superficial consciousness and a deeper understanding. Many of us have stopped connecting to the underlying meaning of our words. It leaves our interactions superficial and hollow.

When you speak with someone, listen with your heart first. Make eye contact and create a still space between you both to validate them. Don’t multitask. Nothing is more important than that living being in front of you. At that moment, everything else it inconsequential. It does not matter if it is an adult, a child, a pet, a tree or the atoms of the space around you, all life is worthy of validation and responds.

Your job as a human being is to pour love into the world through every situation. When sitting in traffic, pour love into your car, when sitting at home, pour love into your family, when you are shopping, pour love into all those fellow shoppers on their own personal quest. When out in nature, pour love into life itself, and feel the return coming back to you.

The way to experience love is by pouring it out into the world and stepping back within yourself and observing your own wonder.

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