Not Every Dog is Lost

After people knew I helped Mariel Hemingway get her dog returned, they would tweet me when a high-profile dog went missing. There was a particular dog that ran away from its owner’s garage.

I tuned into the dog. She was having a good ole time. She didn’t feel lost. In fact, she enjoyed the adventure. I saw her life in the garage as being chained up with a pretty thick chain. She was treated fine but spent long hours as a backdrop in a loud environment.

It is difficult tuning into puppies because they are still trying to make sense of the world. This girl was not a puppy but pretty young and wasn’t attached that well to her owner. I would see her eating in back alleys of restaurants and enjoying all the different smells and people. She was happy! I know it wasn’t a lifestyle that would sustain her long-term but for now, she was exhilarated!

I was kind of disappointed for her when she got found. I know this is the not the right response. But I have since learned that not every dog that runs away is lost.

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