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My First Poem

This is the first poem that I wrote in this life. I was 9 years old. It is so true of my cyber family. I Love every one of you!


Some times I feel alone but I’m not
For look at the wonderful family I’ve got
Do I need them?
Well, yes quite a lot
For without them where would I be?

I’d be in the middle of a motionless sea
Or in a dark dungeon which long-lost it’s key
Life would be meaningless
Don’t you agree?
For who can survive all alone

A hermit dies with an embittered tone
Did he really chose to live life alone?
Will anyone visit when he’s laid with the stone?
I don’t think so.
And neither does he

So count your blessings one by one
From mother to sister to father to son
When you’ve finished and, the counting is done
Start over…
and count them again.

Jen Ward at age 9

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