My Deer New Friend

I was driving through a large park yesterday and a deer was crossing the street. I slowed down way ahead of time so as not to scare her. She stopped and came close the car. I had my back window down because my dog Simha was looking out. It was as natural as pulling up to a neighbor and saying, “Hi”.

I sent her incredible love. She looked at the road and back at me. She was confused. She knew the road was danger and yet she felt my love. I explained to her that the road was danger and that had not changed but I loved her. Miraculously no cars passed so this moment of exchange was suspended for what felt like a long time. Yet neither one of us wanted to leave each other.

It was my dog Simha. who was miraculously quiet through the whole exchange, who decided she had enough of being magnanimous. She regained her dog stance and started barking like a rogue. Even that did not disturb the deer’s stillness. She was caught off guard; in a good way; by the exchange.

My dog Simha remained a detached third-party throughout the encounter but I believe myself and the deer were both changed. We are now connected and communicate through the inner channels of love.

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