My Conscious Dream

In the middle of the night, while I slept, I was helping a client, telling them to look into this straw basket that was between us. The basket held all the different aspects and qualities of the client. Then I noticed a crazy foreign energy that was hiding in the basket. It was all tangled and dark, hideous and bad. It hid behind humor and amusement, hoping to go unnoticed. The energy was affecting my client and interfering with their life. It needed to go.

I just zapped it out with my intention… electrocuted and dissipated it. I also used it as a surrogate to zap it from a whole group of people (maybe all my FB friends, maybe more). The electric current from the one in the basket skipped to the one in everyone else. It looked like a web of electric current scanning the whole group. The thing was gone from everyone. It was just wiped out!

I am sensing that many will feel something gone. Please let me know if you feel different and more at peace. I just like to get a sense of how we are all interconnected and share those insights with others. When we care about the betterment of all, it uplifts every single one of us!

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