Moving Your Life Along

In college we were assigned to tell a story using a limited number of frames. I received and “A” and after seeing the other students creations, I saw why. It wasn’t that I was a better artist, that I got the highest grade. It was because with every frame, I showed the scene from a different vantage point. By telling the story from one point of view, all the images were similar and the story did not move forward.

I think this is what happens in people’s lives sometimes. I think some people get stuck seeing their life from a certain vantage point and then have difficulty moving into a different phase of their life. An example of this is someone with a controlling parent who always sees themselves as a dutiful child; and in doing this; forgoes their own happiness.

Here are some EFT taps to get unstuck from the vantage point that you may have adopted.
(Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I release being stuck in the role of an enabler, in all lifetimes.
I release being complacent in being an enabler, in all lifetimes.
I release being enslaved to being an enabler, in all lifetimes.
I break free of being an enabler, in all lifetimes.

Do the above taps and replace the word “enabler” with any one that you can think of that may apply to you now or has applied to you in the past. Some suggestions are:

  • parent
  • spouse
  • provider
  • child
  • sibling
  • complainer
  • dead beat
  • drama queen
  • victim
  • poor
  • scape goat
  • black sheep
  • etc.

This can be really freeing!

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