Mother’s Day Challenge and Technique

My mother was very flawed. Like all humans. We did not have a great relationship. I was not  loved or nurtured by her. I watched her love others. She actually kept others from being kind to me. She cursed me on my birth. But that is not the point. She gave me the perfect lessons I needed to share my gifts. When all others either ignore my efforts, are unkind to me and are bothered by how different my point of view is, I rarely notice. It is because that is what I was being groomed to excel in.

It did not occur to me until a few years back when everyone was criticizing what I do and what I write. Didn’t they see how much I love? It was then that I realized that I was given the best mother and the best growing up scenario that would help me share my gifts in this world without being broken by the process. That same sentiment was one I worked on through my whole relationship with my mother and family.

My mother’s best quality was that she was able to make the most down and out person feel like they were worth a million bucks. She had this incredible capability to empower anyone she met. It was truly remarkable how she could elevate anyone in stature. This is what I watched her do and this is the pearl that I received from her. I now see that incredible quality in every one of my siblings and most of their children.

This mothers day, I challenge everyone to NOT look at the obvious black and white dynamics with their mother. Don’t dismiss her for her flaws and inability to give you the illusion of a perfect relationship. Don’t rob yourself of the specialness of the day by focusing that way. What are those traits and qualities that she passed on to you that make you the dynamic individual that you are? Celebrate Mother’s Day for those qualities in yourself. Be happy in the uniqueness of your relationship with your mother and recognize how it has served you well in this life.

In that vein of reasoning, celebrate your mother. By celebrating her in her flawed, imperfections, you are empowering yourself beyond the mundane. You are transcending your story and implementing The Spiritual Law of Love.

Dear Mom,

I’m tired of all the cards
That tell of a Mother’s care
How especially thoughtful they are
And how their Love’s so Rare.

They tell of deep devotion
A Divinity that’s True…
But Mom they don’t convey it all
Because they don’t know you.

It’s not the things you gave Me,
Though Those were real nice too
It’s more the things you taught me
To help my Love shine through.

Like treating people equal
‘Not thinking I am best
Or treating someone special
While ignoring all the rest

You taught me what is real
What is just pretense
And Loving those who don’t love me
Is my best defense

So Mom,
Thank you for the freedom,
For the Love and Care
Thank you for the wisdom
That in mothers is sometimes rare.

And as we walk the past of Life
If our Missions keep up apart
Know you are alive in my memories
And Dancing in my Heart.

Jen Ward

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