Monkey Joy

A client came to me disturbed by threats from her ex husband’s family. It was causing a great reaction in her. They had threatened to take her home from her. Immediately my inner vision opened up to a scenario in a past life where she was a Hun. Her group had conquered a village and she was in the midst of them. She was the one who was threatening their well-being. The mere “memory” of her as the aggressor switched her out of victim mode so she was receptive to what came next.

In that time they surrounded her and wore her down until one of them was able to pierce him (she was male) with a penetrating spear to the spine. I felt the blow.

“Do you feel that pain on the right side of your lower spine?” I asked. She did. That was where a debilitating blow had landed in her body in that past life. It was what we were releasing. I felt the move through her hip area and an agility return that was missing. She confirmed that although she was very agile, her lower lumbar was always locked. She was amazed. She felt the shift.

The energy continued to move down into her tailbone. I felt her have a tail. Another scene opened up. It was her in a jungle in a monkey body and the village from the past image; who were her ex in-laws in the present life; were in that scenario as well. They were a different tribe of monkeys.

In that scenario, she had lost her monkey family and was taken in by a male in the group. She wasn’t totally accepted and existed on the fringe of their group. It was a lonely and isolated existence that ended in tragedy. Before encountering this group of monkeys, she was very happy. She exuded a joy of trusting exuberance. In her session, it was time for her to return to that state. She was ready to recapture her monkey joy.

In the session we did a bunch of energy work where we balanced the transactions between her and the group. It is like energetically balancing the karmic books so that all debts are considered paid back on both sides. There is no need to continue rehashing old debts that play out as petty issues. (It is interesting to watch how the sessions play out in the client’s life afterwards).

We returned the woman to her monkey joy with the added bonus of all the insights she had learned since that naïve state. It is a wonderful experience to return to joy after forgetting what it feels like to be imbued in it. It is my hopes to assist as many as I can to return to their monkey joy!

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