Money as Energy

There is the idea that having money is a bad thing.  Money as an energy is neutral.  It’s as neutral as breath.  It is actually the attributes put on money that give it a negative or positive perception and flow. Money is not the root of all evil.  The saying is actually, The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

Someone who uses their resources to build hospitals and help the poor and have a great life put a positive spin on money. And someone who uses it to buy drugs, degrade women and indulge in unethical behavior is obviously putting negative attributes on money. The philanthropist has learned the art of creating a fluidity with their financial flow.  It is perpetuated with their deeds and intentions. 

It may be effective to look at money as an energy flow to understand how to objectively work with it to perpetuate it in your life.  When someone wakes up feeling energetic, they may be inspired to do more with their day but they don’t go to extremes.  Someone doesn’t wake up feeling all energized and say, I feel really good, “I am not going to do anything today so I don’t use up this good feeling”. They also don’t say, “I am feeling so good I am going to go out and run a marathon today to use all this energy up”. 

What they most likely do is use the energy to do the things they usually need to do and do some of the things they like to do as well. They will then expect that the energy level they are now feeling will continue to be what it is. By living in this expectancy, they can perpetuate the energetic flow.

It may be helpful to look at the flow of money the same way and treat it accordingly.  The Universal Law is abundance.  If there is not some kind of abundance in your life, you may need to look to yourself for why this is so.  Having good health, being very talented/attractive/intelligent and having Love in your life are other forms of abundance.  If you take an overview and  look at all the blessings in your life as different forms of energy flow.  It will be easier to understand how to convert other forms of abundance into income. If that’s what’s important to you.