Mind Eddies

Linear thinking is becoming obsolete, where something has to mean one thing or another. To commit someone to one meaning is a form of entrapment.

Some things can be said with kindness and bring all closer to Source in thinking, feeling, or acting. The same thing can be said without kindness, and bring everyone farther from Source. The kindness is the saving grace. Kindness, sincerity, and respect brings all closer to Source; which is love.

That is why I never debate anyone, as the intention behind debating is to make the other person wrong and you right. It is an attempt to take us both farther away from source. It is further away from love and closer to ego. If someone wants to debate me, they are trying to pull me away from Source. If I debate them, I will have to call them on discrepancies that they are not aware of. Since it is not a polite thing to do, I refrain most times unless it is a cry for help. Then I will be ruthlessly honest to pull them out of the mind eddy in which they are stuck.

When someone who is trapped in a mind eddy wants to pull me into it, I will not allow it. Mind eddies are sometimes harder to get out of than quicksand. Some religions exist totally in a mind eddy. Some people spend their whole life in one mind eddy. I will pull away if they show contempt and lack of kindness to me, and leave them on their own.

There is no helping someone who is trapped in a mind eddy except through brutal truth; that is breaking the illusion and pulling them out. Sometimes I try this, and if the person is not receptive at all, they will merely tighten their defenses and become more entrenched. It is a painful process for the ego, so I don’t do it unless I can pull them out fully and then nurture the true self without resuscitating the ego.

If they don’t respect me or even see my loving nature, then I am not the one to assist.

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