Meet Me at the Gym

Throughout my spiritual studies, I have realized that there are different levels of reality. Our existence on each level that is as real to us as our physical life here. This is what Jesus talked about when he said that he knew a man caught up in the third heaven.

Sometimes when I dream, the experiences are as real as being here in the physical body and I know I am on the astral plane. Throughout my years of spiritual study, I have spent many nights in a college setting. This is where I have studied my spiritual lessons on the astral plane. It looks like a cross between a college, a grade school, and a mall. I could almost map it out because I have been there so many times.

When I was a young adult, I remember being in the gym part of the college. It was at the end of a hall and there were classes to the left, but you could also go right outside from there and be on a field with benches. Just like in my physical college days, I remember blowing off classes. In the dream state, I would rush to leave the building and wake up just as I opened the outside door. I blew off my astral gym class many times.

Since I was imprisoned, I dislike exercise. While I was on the property I worked from morning to night like a one person work camp. Since I came back, exercise brings up a lot of the unpleasant experiences that I endured there. My body has interpreted being hungry as being starved and physical exertion as being tortured. I have been working on these issues in my remote Body Talk sessions with Skye Daniels. Last night I got evidence that they are working.

Last night after many years, I found myself in the astral gym again. I was taking a class with a few people. I woke up briefly while I was there, and realized that my physical body felt like I was in the middle of a great workout. My heartbeat was revved up like I had been doing aerobics. Yet in the dream, even though I was in the gym, I was attending a class but not working out. I felt like I was in a teenage body again. I went back to sleep to finish the class and when I woke up, I felt younger and more physically fit.

I am sure many of you have been to this astral school of study, or one like it. The class is a great one. It feels good to be there. When I woke up, I got the strong inclination to invite everyone to attend. The main gym is at the end of a right wing and the classroom we meet at is on the left. Please feel free to meet with us. I think you will benefit from it. If you get lost, just ask for me or meet me in the hall. I will be waiting for you.

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