Mastering the NOW

Imagine all our lifetimes as bubbles where everything that transpires is happening now. There is no past or future; all  events happen simultaneously. The “we” in the present is connected to all the experiences in the other bubbles without our conscious awareness.

When we are afraid of something in another bubble, we may bring that fear into this bubble without an understanding of where it comes from. Maybe someone who is having a panic attack in this lifetime is being bludgeoned to death in another bubble. To be totally free, one would release all the trauma in all the bubbles and bring them all into alignment. This is what I assist with in private sessions. Think of collecting a deck of cards and having only the top one showing. This is what we want to do with all the bubbles ; collect all of them in the present moment. This is the power of now.

Mastership is aligning all the bubbles of all lifetimes into the present moment. Many of them are physical but many of them can be lifetimes that exist in more subtle realms of the astral, causal or mental planes. All are valid realities but each vibrate at a unique rate that gives them a sense of a different densities.

When we react to others strongly, they may be people who play pivotal roles in our other lifetimes. In private sessions, and the EFT taps that I share, I add the statement “In all lifetimes” to the end of each tap. This is so we release issues in all the bubble instead of just the one. How difficult it is to remove an unhealthy relationship in this lifetime if we are still actively engaged with the person in another bubble.

This is what I assist clients with in private remote sessions. I am able to see what is happening in their other bubbles and see how it is affecting them or “bleeding through” in this present bubble. The concept of the other bubbles may be difficult for many to conceptualize. That is fine. Being closed to the possibility is a means of them staying closed to trauma that they may have experienced in a different bubble (past life).

For those who this resonates with as a truth, may be ready to align and release many of their experiences.

Here some EFT taps to assist:
(Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I align all my bodies, in all lifetimes.

I release all the sadness, hate, poverty, enslavement, dis-ease, failure, loneliness, abandonment death and fragmentation, in all lifetimes.

I repair and fortify my Wei Chi, in all lifetimes.

I Am centered and imbued in divine Love, in all lifetimes.

I shift my paradigm to Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life and Wholeness, in all lifetimes.

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