Master Direct Knowing

Peace 010

There is so much that we humans don’t know. In the past it was fine to conquer the world around us. It was a very big task. But because of an expansion of consciousness that is not enough any more. The world has gotten smaller because our awareness of it has become bigger.


It is time to break free of the habitual complacency that mankind has been conditioned to accept. It is time now to wonder and stretch the mind and imagination past its current capacity. Did you know that any question you ask the Universe it will give to the answer?


Try it. Ask a question that you don’t know to the Universe and see how long it takes the Universe to answer. Start with mundane questions and when you get a sense of the process, ask more elusive ones. You will be surprised at your own intelligence when you push the envelope by asking and having answered real amazing things. This is what the inventors and innovators do. Can you imagine if we all operated this way?

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