Mariel’s Kitchen

Through the years I have always researched the best nutrition for optimal health. Being a product of high fructose corn syrup, it took years of sorting through exotic ingredients and austere practices to understand the simple truth of healthy ingredients. My motto has become, the simpler the better.

So when Mariel gave me a copy of her new cookbook, I was afraid to read it.  I wanted to give her honest feedback but I’ve always detested cook books. They seem to trigger food issues in me with their use of complicated instructions and obscure ingredients. Instead of being empowered, I am usually left feeling inadequate.

I cautiously opened the aesthetically pleasing front cover of Mariel’s Kitchen.  I was drawn in by the beautiful photographs. They seemed to soothe my concerns.  I thumbed through the pages looking for my own personal red flags.  There were none. The book opened to pantry essentials.  This would be where all the hard to find items would be listed.  There were none. Everything that was listed was something that I was aware of and liked to use.

I started to get excited. Was this book possibly functional; even for me?  I opened up to a seasoning chart.  Mariel in her infinite wisdom and kindness had created a chart for seasoning many entree foods. This chart alone was priceless to me. I gained such a comfort level that I actually looked at some of the recipes. They were exciting and easy to fathom myself creating. I am being empowered by this glorious book! I can’t wait to make Pumpkin Walnut Balls, Roasted Tomato Soup and Spinach Pancakes.

If being gently empowered with easy to duplicate recipes wasn’t enough to make the book a must have, Mariel’s way of enlightening the reader is invaluable. Here is an excerpt from page 252, “Still, the energy that was put into the food stays with us and moves into our cells, into our sense of self.  It becomes the essence of us. It can be healing when we have made it from love instead of using it as the outer expression of a love that is hollow and perhaps not real love at all.

Thank You Mariel for being a gift to humanity. This book should be a Best Seller and an essential in every loving home.

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