Mapping Out a Section of The Astral Plane

Some people have heard of the astral plane but not all are familiar enough with it to really understand where they are when they are there. The Astral plane is very similar to the physical world.  But has a different vibratory rate.  What vibratory rate means is that all the collective matter of that world vibrates at a similar frequency.

I got my understanding of vibratory rate from childhood when captain kangaroo would drop the ping pong balls from the ceiling.  When they bounced, it was mayhem but then they all started to bounce together. If they would continue to bounce, they would bounce as a group with similar speed and height.  This is their vibratory rate.

The physical world has one vibratory rate, and the astral world has another. They can coexist in the same space but one usually only gets a sense of the other. Just like we have a physical body, we also have an astral body. Sometimes when we are overly emotional, our astral body is out of alignment with the physical body.  Realigning them is part of what I assist with in a session.

When people leave their physical body in death, they just continue existing on the astral plane. At first they stay around their old life.  They are getting used to the new vibratory rate. Their connection to their old life interferes with that.  They are still registering the old vibratory rate and so we may get a sense of them for a few days after they pass.

We visit the astral world when we sleep.  When we have dreams that seem real, it’s because they are.  I had unique experiences that allowed me to map out a section of the astral world.

My brother also had vivid dream experiences. One day we described our neighborhood in the dreams.  Where I had saw an orchard of eight foot flowers, he saw them as well, where I saw water in a place that was a field, he saw it as well.  We were able to describe the neighborhood to each other with many unique differences that we both experienced.

Years later, I had the same experience with his daughter.  I was describing an amusement park that I visited in the astral plane.  She could describe the layout to me and saw the beautiful ocean for which the rollercoaster served as a break wall. It was another experience of mapping out a small piece of the astral world.

Sometimes when we lay in bed and can’t sleep, we are actually are asleep and just laying there in our astral body.  That’s why the time is so skewed and it seems to last forever. The astral world seen through the physical eyes also seems skewed. Hallways are elongated and there may be a door in your astral room that isn’t there in your physical room. Children who are afraid to go to bed at night may be seeing their astral room as they fall off to sleep.

If you are a vivid dreamer, maybe you can map out your own neighborhood on the astral plane.  If you have a sibling who is also a vivid dreamer, it may be an interesting to collaborate each other’s findings and extend the boundaries of your findings.