Manifestation Technique

In contemplation, Imagine a room right in front of you that exhibits of all your hopes and highest possible desires. See exactly what that room looks like, what it feels like, what it smells like. Experience the wonder of it as if you were looking in at it from a doorway. It is that close. It is like a three-d manifestation of your vision board of all you want to manifest.

When you get a great sense of it, simply walk into that room, You will be walking into that consciousness. Let the old room fall away and then experience yourself sitting in this new room as you sit in that contemplation. This is you breathing life into your highest ideas of manifestation and then pulling yourself into it.

When you have mastered the technique for yourself, do it for the highest possible scenario of the world. But make certain NOT to detail it to interfere with others’ freedom. For example, you can see a world where all dogs are loved and happy but don’t envision people getting punished or reprimanded for hurting dogs. That would be an abuse of power. Just hold the absolute, most pure vision possible.

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