Manifestation of Celebration

Think about your fondest holiday memories. The ones that are etched more deeply are usually the ones where things went incredibly wrong. That is when we forge memories together, when the love spills out unconditionally and unencumbered. Instead of trying to just get through the day, be amused at the contrast between the ideal day and the reality of the day.

You are not alone in your feelings about the holiday, whatever they may be. There are enough people celebrating the day that there is someone feeling similar to you. Reach through time and space and convention to find a source of comfort in the fact that others are experiencing the holidays in a similar way to you.

Feel blessed by whatever your experience is. You are loved no matter what your experience may be. You are empowered to reflect that confidence to all those that you engage with. As long as you realize you are loved, you are a manifestation of celebration.

Happy Day! You are loved by all of life, and you are loved by me.

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