Making it About Love

In the past, marriages were business transactions. Having the most advantageous union was a status symbol or survival tool. Being married was about keeping each other and your children alive. It wasn’t a perpetual romance. There may not have been any romance there at all. Many were lucky if they could stand their life partner. Loving your mate was a luxury. Standing them was an art.

In this life we are lucky enough to be able to choose our partner. We feel this strong attraction to them or maybe a familiarity. Most likely someone’s partner today, was someone they were with in a past life.

When disagreements come or the novelty of finding someone wears off, one may see their mate in a different light. When someone is annoyed with a mate they may see them as weak, undesirable, boring, crazy, their captor, and they may feel an indescribable futility that they think is unique only to them.

What they are doing is reliving past dynamics with their present spouse. These are the things that they may have come into this life to overcome. So whenever a negative perception of a mate comes through, it may be a personal challenge to realize that this may be what the two of you have come together to resolve.. It is now time to come together in Love.

This is a reason why some people have an aversion to marriage. They are tapping into how the relationship ended in a past life…death; and it is too painful to look at. Also, in past lives, only those with grave responsibilities like heads of state had huge ceremonies. The ceremony itself may trigger deep-seated and valid fears.

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