Love's Appeal



Tell me I don’t matter

Tell me you don’t care

Tell me its all bullshit

That you’re not really there


Tell me there’s no freedom

That everything’s a lie

Carelessly chuckle and walk away

As you watch me die




Tell me there is purpose

In all we say and do

Give me reason to believe

In Love, in life, in you


Plant a garden with your words

Make each day a song

Give all a reason to exist

Tell all they belong


Give all purpose, don all truths

Make all scenarios win/win

From the ashes of defeat

Sprouts of providence begin


See Peace, when others envision war

Talk advantage when others spout loss

Risk vulnerability and feeling raw

Show kindness at every cost


Encourage, enlighten, visualize, unfold

Empathize, appreciate, heal

Cater to one’s higher truth

To deliver Love’s appeal


It doesn’t really matter

What you say or do

As long as you act from the depth of Love

And know that place is you.


Jen Ward 6/27/14

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