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Love Itself

God Was Bored
So he created a game for himself.
He separated all his atoms and allotted them all a different vantage point
He created a Game board from matter and energy,
Most of his atoms were in on the game. They would stay in the form of love but be disguised as a backdrop.
The playing pieces would be the humans; they would think they were most important but also feel separate and lonely
There would be two identical kinds of players but they would see each other as inferior.
They would see everything as inferior. This was part of the game
He gave them the ability to reason so that they could play the game
They were given feelings so God could experience the game through their vantage point.
They needed a way to move around the board, so God created space and time.
Each turn was a lifetime.
Each lifetime they would conquer the other players
They believed the different playing pieces were given clues to the game that they didn’t have.
This was true. Both playing piece had different strengths, which were clues.
They would pair up sometimes as a means of figuring it out.
They would go on tangents for many turns thinking the game was about the pairing up with a particular player.
The pieces started out as ruthless.
They would destroy everything to figure out the rules.
But as they went along each turn, they started to care about the pieces they paired up with.
They would pause from the game and experience real moments of Joy and Love.
Each time they had these moments, they broke through the illusion
At first when the reality of Love shone through, they used this to show superiority over the other players.
They gave the other players false clues and a whole set of rules needed to break through the illusion too
They called this religion.
Religion would send the other players on wild goose chases,
For many turns.
But some players still got through the maze.
They started to realize they were in a game.
They started to help the other players instead of working against them.
This washed away more illusion.
God became enthralled with the more advanced players.
This helped them figure out the illusion of space and time,
that the board itself was not real.
More and more players  became self realized.
Figuring out the key to advancing was in not worrying about advancing,
Opting out of the rules of power by instilling kindness as their first impulse,
Loving others and forgoing self contempt by turning the love on themselves,
Surrendering all the rules of the hierarchy of the game,
Being loving and kind in every way that they can while steeped in the game,
Recognizing themselves as love itself.

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