Love All from Within

There are several behaviors that all of us use to protect ourselves. There is the overachiever, under-achiever, know-it-all, people-pleaser, complainer, the hypochondriac, the addict, zealot, and many others. Some behaviors are easier to be around but all are merely looking to be loved and secure at the core. It is difficult to do this in our daily interactions because many of these defenses are hard to get close to, and the individuals deflect the love.

Here is a technique to help:

In contemplation, imagine that you are the earth itself. See yourself from the vantage point of being the globe and look at your own body from within. Get a sense of areas that need attention. Send love there and get a sense of the shift. If there is a spot where there is an enclave, send it love to even it out. If the globe looks like a deflated soccer ball, fill it up. Feel your own energy fill up as you pour as much love into the earth as possible.

Continue until you are so full that the love is emanating out of your pores. See it satiating all the living plants, animals and people of the planet. If you start to judge who deserves it, you have slipped out of the love and slipped into power. Stay in the love. It is the only way to be an effective benefit to others and yourself. Emanate your love out so even the atmosphere is charged with it. Get a sense of it dissolving all that is not love. Offer it freely for everyone, and for all those who have been deprived, deficient and fearful…to partake of your incredible gift.

It would be great if you could adopt this visual as a “go to” during the day. When anything or anyone disturbs you, see it as an indicator that the world needs more love and pour it into the world through your visualization. So when someone right next to you is irritating you with their behavior, you can love them from afar. Remember, this is never to change someone because that turns it into manipulation and control. It is only to offer love and respect; because you and everyone is Love at the core and have the means and awareness to simply Love.

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