Let’s Flip!

Something fascinating happens every year. It is called the lake “flipping” or turning over. It is when all the cold water that is trapped at the bottom of the lake is so much greater than the warm water at the top that the lake seems to flip, and all the water that was at the bottom, reaches the surface.

This is an analogy, I think, for the consciousness of the world. Right now it appears that everyone is affected by material, unimportant minutia. But there are so many of us with strong integrity, a deep passion for truth, and a spiritual connectedness. There are those who have morals that far exceed the manufactured societal rule. Those that honor freedom, nature, and individual expression and kindness are all collecting at the bottom of the lake.

At one point we will not be able to maintain ourselves as a silent majority. The world will flip and become a place of greater honor, integrity, and individual freedom for all. It is inevitable. It isn’t done through force or with a louder voice. It isn’t done by convincing others who or what they need to be. It is done by each individual who chooses to hold a space for loving, higher concepts in the world and standing firm in their center.

I invite and encourage you to stand firm in your inner convictions. The ones that you have never even spoken out loud in fear of ridicule. Each prayer, each cry to the Universe, is answered. It is not about demanding from others. It is about aligning ourselves with the infinite and intrinsic ways of the universe and knowing that what we convey in the silence of our own inner chambers is heard and registered on every level. Yes we are heard. Every single utterance. You, in your kindness, are a validation of truth, and truth is validated in your existence.

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