Lesson From The Little Red Squirrel

I was out laying in my hammock. It is so peaceful under the apple tree. I have to choose when I go out there so I don’t disturb the groundhogs, bunnies or trillions of birds that are having lunch or a bath. I hear their disgruntled comments to each other when they are all hanging in the branches waiting for me to leave.

As I was enjoying the ambiance, a little red squirrel ran from under the apple tree up a branch and into the little forest for safety. He was running for dear life and screaming on the top of his head. He was convinced that he was being hunted down. The whole place was at peace and he was frantic in his own mind. He was so cute but immediately he reminded me of so any people.

There are so many people running around like the little red squirrel. They think everyone is interested in seeing them fail or their demise. They are braced to be judged and do anything they can to conform or blend as a way of running away from any adversaries.

But the truth of the matter is, most people are so enthralled with their own lives that they aren’t interested in what others are doing. It is only the predators that attack or put others on the defensive, and they are noted as predators and avoided. But most people just want to enjoy the ambiance of their life. They aren’t concerned with making anyone else miserable. They aren’t waiting to call someone out for their truth. People can relax and enjoy life.

I can’t convince the little red squirrel that he was in no immediate danger, but maybe one or two people here will get the point. It is okay to relax more in your skin. The days of conformity and hiding your truth, or truth, in general, are coming to an end.

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