Kundalini Energy

There was a man from Ghana who reached out for my help via twitter. He was working really diligently in tapping into his Kundalini Energy. This is a dormant and powerful source of energy in the body. He was performing practices to unleash it but was maybe not properly prepared to deal with what this entails.

He became unbalanced.

I tuned into him and released a lot of angst he was feeling and then I helped him put a cap on the Kundalini energy so that it was dormant again. He allowed me to balance out his energy for him. I also taught him how to sing the healing Mantra Hu every day to help himself continue to balance out.

Hu is considered a love song to God and when sung it resonates at the same frequency as Love. It is sung in a long drawn out way; pronounced like the name Hugh. We sang it together and He felt instantly better.

After that he admitted that he had very dark thoughts that involved hurting women. I encouraged him to sing Hu every day instead of his Kundalini practice so he could reach his potential in a balanced loving way.

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