Kind People

Kind people are like walking, breathing wading pools of love. Others are going to want to be around them to drink of their kindness. They may merely want to be around them in hopes that the kindness will permeate their pool. It is a great accomplishment to be kind when the world has shown you its ruthless side. It is amazing when all you do is reflect love back to it.

If you are kind, the world will most likely want to be around you. Others will unconsciously will be drawn to you in hopes of feeling your kindness through osmosis. So if you are delayed in traffic, if supermarkets fill up around you, when the person in front of you painfully delays the flow of your transaction, please remember your base nature.

Kindness is using you to raise the bench mark on kindness in the world. When you are pushed almost beyond your limit of patience, please remember who you are at your core. Remember where ever you are, no matter how tired, hungry or overtaxed you are, you are first and foremost kind. You can maintain your kindness because you realize; to your core; that you are incredibly loved.

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