Keeping Your Own Books

People want to share their symptoms and experiences with me before and after a session, or just in general. They think I am being curt, rude or disinterested when I shut them down and don’t let them tell me. It is counterproductive for us both.

Here is why:

When I work with someone, or they connect with me, I see their energetic issues. I see them. I can assist in aligning their energy, help them center, and teach them techniques to shift themselves so they are not dependent on energy workers for their own spiritual advancement. It seems like when we work together, they get clarity that stays with them. Awesome right?

But then people don’t understand the process.. They want to talk about their problems. What they are doing is energetically rude. They are saying, “I know you do something, I don’t really understand it, so I will trust you but only to get rid of my problems the way I have always done it.” Your way is not as efficient. After a session, they want to talk about what was released. That is pulling it back. I have to cut them off so they do not do that. It is a common habit. Rule of thumb, once something is released, let it go.

When someone comes to me, I usually know instantaneously what needs to be shifted. It is the same as an accountant knows numbers maybe. You can teach someone to keep their own books but you can’t teach them to keep their books if they are going to continue to add wrong and put items in the wrong column.

When people try to tell me their story, it is like taking a huge pile of crumpled up little papers that they have been storing in a shoebox for years, and pouring them on the desk of their accountant. It’s similar to that, but much more unhealthy. When we tell our problems to others, we are giving them our ledger and asking them to balance our books. We need to get past that. We have to keep our own books.

I do help people. But I can not sieve everyone’s issues through my physical body. This is where the reader feels guilty and believes I am talking to them about a specific instance. No. I am talking in generals. It is not healthy for anyone to listen to details. It just feels necessary to put this out in the Universe now.

Love isn’t conducive to listening to every sentence. I love deeply and yet have a low tolerance for details. We are all so bombarded these days. Instead of having our balance depend on being listened to, we can shift that to having our balance depend on how well we listen. How well we tune into the answers within our own depth. How well we trust the intangible voice of our own inner guidance. We are all loved. In some sessions I need to be very firm and NOT listen. It is a protection for us both. Energetic stagnation is being cut away. Talking is the do-it-yourself way of trying to get rid of issues. But if you are asking my help, talking it out isn’t working efficiently.

So I must now resort to my favorite cliché, “Please don’t confuse my kindness for weakness.” It is a balancing act to maintain a façade of warm and fuzzy on the surface while holding an incredible place for Love and Light so that others can find their way back to self empowerment. If I am firm with someone, it is what needs to be done. It is never gratuitous. When the ego feels hurt, it’s because the issue that’s being cut away was sharing a wall with it. Let it go. In general, let it go.

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