Jenuine Initiative

Right now there is a shift happening in the world. Love and freedom are on the rise. Some people are terrified of inevitable global changes and how they will affect their lives. They are hanging on to old beliefs and trying fervently to prevent change. Their motives may seem like power struggles but many are mainly based in fear.

There is another group that is feeling that they have special gifts of insight or healing and that they don’t know where to go for answers or how to improve their skills. They need someone to encourage and teach them without a hidden agenda or needing them to ascribe to a certain doctrine. They are very savvy with ego driven motives and tend to keep their revelations to themselves.

Many people feel like victims in their own lives and are tired of being pawns in societal power plays and are striving for a life that matters. They are starving for spiritual freedom, truth and self-empowerment. There is a spiritual revolution happening and many are drawn innately to be a part of it, in their own individual way.

There are those fighting for causes without seeming to get anywhere. They are realizing that the “us versus them” mentality just doesn’t work yet they have such compassion for the world that they are compelled to assist and not walk away. They are wondering how to not get swallowed up by the injustices that they see. The world is a contradiction to them and it feels like insanity to even be a part of society. They are discouraged and overwhelmed.

This describes the majority of the people that I help.

My private sessions have been very helpful in releasing the individual of fears and limitations and shifting them back into their own center. Being self-centered is a great thing when we realize that the center is Love. This is what I do.

Many people tell me to market myself this way and that way; that the world needs my help. I so agree. But I am not compelled to spend my time marketing and branding myself when there is so much to be done to release the world of its fear and trauma. My intention is to use all my gifts to assist humanity to shift back into optimism, goodwill for all, Love and freedom. This is where my focus is every single day and every waking hour.

So I am now asking for help. If there is anyone who wishes to help me with my mission and make it part of their mission. I would appreciate the assistance. If anyone has any skills that could be of benefit to me reaching more individuals, I would be grateful for the assistance. Here are just some of ways in which I could use help.

Promoters~ people to help spread the message of the mission of Healing the planet and participating in the teleconferences that are being set up.

  • Editors of my work
  • Marketers to get more attention for my unique global healing modality
  • Assistance to render social media sites more effective.
  • Individuals to endow groups that they are involved with a private workshop with me tailored to their personal needs.
  • Individuals, with video skills, that can assist to document workshops and other uplifting sessions.
  • Monetary support. If you believe in my purpose and would like to donate any amount so that I can keep my focus on assisting humanity from being enslaved to fear, to Love and empowerment, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Please make a donation using the Jenuine Initiative button.

I know this is my purpose for being on this planet at this time in world history. I am living my purpose by serving humanity and using all my skills to benefit all of God’s creatures.

Teleconferences are being scheduled so that all can participate in honing their healing skills and releasing their angst about the future. Some people are terrified about the looming 20/12 end of the Mayan calendar. My first initial goal is to alleviate the fear ripples that are emanating from others and create more space in the world for optimism and a Loving future.

I appreciate your support and it will go a long way in assisting with the task at hand. You have my Love.


Jen Ward