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Finally, Finally, Finally Feel Good in Your Own Skin

with The Love What You Do Diet

Learn the reasons we hold extra weight, why affirmations may not work, gain awareness, learn techniques for self acceptance, and release the being overweight marathon. The riddle is solved. Stop eating to feel love, chronic overeating, aversion to eating, binge eating, and utilize the dream state for self-growth.   


You deserve wellness. Learn a new approach to health living: The Thought Diet. Learn the Taps to Drop Unwanted Weight. Finally understand an overlooked key to losing weight. Now is the time to release food issues. You deserve to have body gratitude. Zap the cravings! Dry up the Hell of Dieting! 

  •  52 Weekly Taps and Contemplations
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Jen Ward, LMT is a Reiki Master, an intuitive and gifted healer, and an innovator of healing practices. She is at the leading edge of energy work, providing a loving segue for her techniques to clients, enabling them to cross the bridge of self-discovery with her. Her passion is to empower individuals in their own healing journey, so they can remain in their center every step of the way. 



Testimonials for The Do What You Love Diet


“It seems like my entire life has been lived on a diet. As a teenage there was a doctor-assisted diet where I was given pills for energy, for sleep, for a laxative, for water rendition, etc. That was probably the first attempt to control the weigh. I could lose some pounds, but for a little while and I would gain it right back, plus extra pounds. Nothing allowed me to keep the weight off. Not the low carb diet, the cabbage soup diet, the liquid diet, or any other diet. I just couldn’t do it. it left me feeling frustrated, feel like a failure and fat. The five years ago, I connected with Jen and started doing the taps that she offered. I did the taps religiously everyday. I still do. A little over a year ago, Jen started putting taps for weight control.


Those taps and all the techniques and visualizations were the saving grace for me. Those taps freed me of all the reasons for eating indiscriminately. I don’t eat because of any emotion that is being triggered. I eat normal. Now, in a little over a year, I have lost sixty-four pounds to date and am keeping the weird off. It seems like the most normal thing in the world. I am not a youth anymore. I eat healthy, enjoy treats when I wish, and I don’t concern myself with worry of gaining weight again. I am happy, healthy and a size six for the first time in my life. I owe my success to Jen. Not only with the diet taps but with all she so graciously offers. Thank you Jen. I couldn’t have done it without you.”


M.M., New York


“After graduation from college, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I was in the best physical shape of my life. After being discharged and re-entering civilian life, I began to gain weight. One pound a year became 15 pounds extra either by the time I was in my 40s. After reading Jen’s insights and doing the taps and techniques for a year, I am not only my Marine Corps weight but also back in shape. It wasn’t that hard either. Thank you Jen”


M.K., Florida