Self Healing Session

Every single person who has their first session with me says similar things: “This is not what I expected”, “Wow, I feel so much lighter and can breathe again”, “This is amazing to feel so much better”. I am used to it.

Many people who have been doing spiritual work ask me if I have read this or followed this. I know of a lot of different modalities but by practicing them innately, not by learning about them from someone else. The people who ask me what I have studied relate to the sessions at such a deep level that they think of the most profound teaching they have encountered and relate it to our session. It is their common ground. But the real common ground is a deep spiritual Love.

Jen and Simha on the couch.

Jen and Simha

I have always loved people and have always had this deep desire to help anybody that I love. In this need to Love and help has developed this healing modality that is a compilation of many other modalities. The core to the session is a deep listening to the true self of a person and reiterating back to them what they have been denying them self. I am able to feel their hesitation and limitations between us. It is like feeling a cloud or very humid weather. When I feel it, I can dissipate it and it is pulled from the client.

I can see things in a client’s energy that others could learn to see if they had reference points. But for me it is second nature. It is easy to tune into someone who is open to what I do; who is open to change and open to being free of their own discomfort. Many people say they want to be free of an issue, but when they are helped, they get defensive and protect themselves from being helped. This is very tiring on a facilitator who is just there to assist and has seen, many times, how relatively easy the process is.

The phenomenon of resisting help is easy to see in people you know that come to you for advice. You can sit and listen to them for ever but when you suggest things to help, they give you a million reasons why they can’t apply what you are suggesting. It is easy to come to the conclusion that the people don’t really want to be helped. They just want someone to listen to them and validate them as is. This is the reason why I need to charge for my sessions. It makes it much easier to differentiate from the people who really are ready to be helped, and the people who just want company in their misery. I am not good company in that way.

Pain is the great motivator for having a session. It can be emotional or physical pain or even mental torment of mind loops of negative self talk that leads to a defeatist existence. Many clients have told me that they were meditating or praying for help and then remembered my website, or thought of me and knew then that they needed a session. It is an sacred honor to assist people in their time of need. I take it very seriously. But I don’t take myself too seriously. Some people are great artists, musicians or may be a computer wiz. My sessions are my talent, and I perform them very well.

So, to introduce more people to what I do, I am offering a half price special on a client’s first session. I am humbled by the diverse people I am able to assist in offering this special. And so I am continuing it for a limited time. If you feel connected to me on some level and are going through hard times, maybe you will use this opportunity to do something to help yourself at a very deep level. I will be here for you.